Sunday, July 20, 2008

smoke and doodles

smoke and coffee...
and doodles~


doodles of hulk and wolverine.
I did for the Sony weekly fan art.

'little mom' etc...2

a few more character design and b.g concept sketch

'little mom' etc...

more charater design work.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

little mom

this work is my project when i had been in Korea.
it's a story about a mom who become young girl all of sudden, and her family.
design and expression of family

linetest of 'wonderful days'

key animation work of feature film 'wonderful days' in 2003

just doodle

I like Michale Lau's figures and his design.
i tryed more realistic style that i had looking for his figures picture.

keyanimation linetest of avatar

sometimes i miss when i worked in korea with my buddies and avatar crew.

key animation is so hard work.

but i've felt through this work be never forgotten easily...

design of prisoner and guard for 'avatar'

i was asked this work from seunghyun oh who supervising director of 'avatar'
he wanted to draw similar face himself and animation director of Korea.
both of all guys is my friends.
i enjoyed this work. it make me laugh.

design of the 'avatar' #110 2

i was asked from Brian who creator of avatar when i worked in Korea.
i though that he wanted to looks like waifs bandit image.
also i enjoyed a lot. ans he seem to be satisfied.

design of the 'avatar' #110

zet is my favorite character of one that i worked

Friday, July 18, 2008

quick drawing at subway in korea

when i worked at Seoul in Korea. i took subway everyday for 3hour.
i used to draw people in train. and i love that time.
this is piece of my memory.

witch hunters

they're threatening hunters to Samantha's family.

samantha's family and etc

east witch grandmothers, dad, mom, west witch and ...punisher

Thursday, July 17, 2008

samantha brother and sister...and friends

i love Jack Black's 'school of rock'