Saturday, July 19, 2008

linetest of 'wonderful days'


key animation work of feature film 'wonderful days' in 2003


PernoBassist said...

I get stunned by the expressions in the face of the old man, just awesome, the hands tell me a lot, I have become a huge fan of you!

Chris Sims said...

More flawless animations! You have a phenominal eye for detail. I can learn a lot from you.

LeSean Thomas said...

Absolutely awe-inspiring.

You're a rare breed in this medium here in the states.

I've learned a lot from you on season 2. looking forward to working with you next year!

keep up the amazing work bro!

Delidel said...


Kristian said...

My goodness gracious me! that was such a beautifully excecuted display of animation excellence.

Jon NG said...

wicked!!!!!!!! even though it's from 2003... where have i been?

huyen thu said...

top biz
ty le bong